The INTS By-Laws

1. The Board of Officers will be appointed as follows:

a) President: The President will be selected by the Board of Officers from its Board members and will be a past meeting organiser.

b) Vice-President: The Vice-President will be the next meeting organiser.

c) Secretary: The Secretary is elected by the INTS membership for two INTS symposia and can stand for re-election once.

d) Treasurer: The Treasurer is elected by the INTS membership for two INTS symposia and can stand for re-election once.

e) Three members-at-large: Three members-at-large will be elected by INTS members for a term of two symposia. One will be elected from Asia and the Pacific Rim, one from the Americas and Canada, and one from Europe/Africa/the Middle East.

f) Immediate Past President: For continuity the immediate Past President will be an ex-officio member without voting rights.

2. Elections may be carried out by electronic mail or at the General Meeting that is held in conjunction with an INTS Symposium.

3. A General Meeting of the INTS will be held at each INTS Symposium and no further notification will be required for those meetings.

4. Newly elected officers and members-at-large of the Board of Officers take office at the completion of the INTS Symposium at which they were elected.

5. The INTS membership fee will be $25 per year. Members from WHO lower and lower middle-income countries will not be required to pay any annual membership fee for the first four years of INTS membership.

6. Fees are used for maintenance of the Society, including the discretionary appointment of salaried members of staff to assist with the Society’s efficient administration, but also can be made available for travel scholarships or to a local organising committee to defer a portion of potential losses for a symposium, if such occurs. 

7. The Board of Officers, with advice from the International Scientific Advisory Board, will act as a nomination committee for all elections.

8. The responsibility to choose the venues for the symposia and the Local Organising Committee Chair (The Organiser) continues to reside with the Board of Officers with advice from the International Scientific Advisory Board. 

9. The International Scientific Advisory Board shall be made up of 24 members with regional delegate numbers based on average symposium attendance. This distribution of regional delegates may change with time. The initial regional delegate distribution shall be: 6 delegates each from Europe and from North America, 4 delegates each from Asia and Oceania, 2 delegates each from Africa/Middle East and South America. The Board of Officers will be included in these delegate numbers. Insofar as possible, the International Scientific Advisory Board shall reflect the gender diversity of the Society.

10. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neurotrauma will be a standing member of the International Scientific Advisory Board as one of the regional delegates.

11. All “mail” referred to in the Constitution will be electronic (Email).

Originally adopted by the INTS general membership, December 16, 2002. 
Modified and adopted by the INTS Executive Committee, June 21, 2021.

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